Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Ancient Rome and Jogging

It has come to my attention that my associate has failed to mention Ancient Rome in his recent discussion on jogging.

As we all know, Ancient Romans had knives, but they didn't have the number '0'. In my many minutes of research, I have also failed to find any reference to Ancient Romans jogging...marching, sure...but not jogging. It thus follows that jogging depends on a civilization having discovered the number '0'.

Had the Ancient Romans discovered '0', they would have had discovered jogging as well, and everyone would still be speaking Latin today.

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Used Impala said...

Possible future subject matter:

bang and jog both have one syllable, and end in G. Guns start with G and are weapons, as are knives, yet guns go bang and knives do not. Ancient Romans had no guns. Guns depend on '0' as well.

I think we need a research assistant.