Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hawt Rawks: Ralph

It has been brought to Ralph's attention that he is hot and like all beautiful people are contractually obligated wont to do, he's putting out an album!!

We here at knifejog, are old friends, so we got to sit in on a studio session.

Here's a little taste

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Frank Poole

So, while I was trying to find a video of Frank Poole jogging in space, I came across this. It'll do, for now.

I sleep too little.

So, thanks to a philosophical commenter, I was introduced to the concept of naked turtles.

Now I can dig some kinky stuff, but that's not my bag, baby. But I did a little research (seriously, not much at all) and found that the DO exist, albeit only in pub form.

I propose a hypothetical re-fable-ing:

Imagine the "tortise and the hare" but with nudity

and knives.


WOOOOOO FrEeStYlE post......()()()()()(#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&#&÷÷÷÷÷÷÷¿¿¿¿¿¿¿WHAT? WHAT? Blargofone.


Our colleague and dear friend Phil Stevenson writes in:

"What if jogging were illegal? This has been the subject of my latest research, and I would love your professional input. Thanks!" -Phil Stevenson

Listen Phil, STFU. Seriously. You are doing this < < < < < < when you should be doing this -.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

We all live in boxes.

Ralph has a nice deep voice.

Ralph lives in my computer. (a box)

Ralph entertains us here at knife jog, by reading our emails, and occasionally rap lyrics. So we try to keep Ralph entertained by inserting him in any number of hypothetical situations.

Today, Ralph is adding a slimming vibration machine into his nightly bedtime ritual.

Let's listen in.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wow, that's a really good idea!

Mixing beer and milk is almost as intelligent as running with sharp objects!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Secret Genius

I was considering my earlier post about someone I assumed was a "shy pooper" and it hit me. Maybe this wasn't some insecure weirdo who has a terribly traumatic experience at least (hopefully) once or twice a day. Maybe he was a secret genius.. Maybe he was asleep!

Think about it, there are lots of places you can sleep at work: the storage room, the tech booth behind the auditorium, under your desk, under someone else's desk, etc. etc. The trouble is that sooner or later someone is bound to discover you with drool dried to your cheek and your face lined with the wrinkles of your shirt sleeve. Awkwardness will undoubtedly follow. However, if they walk in simply to find another set of shoes underneath the stall door it is doubtful that you're going to get called out.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pupils Dilated = No Jogging

Having your pupils dilated pretty much means no jogging. Sadness throughout.

Everybody Poops.

If we were in a prehistoric forest, being chased by a Tyrannosaurus,

it would make sense to keep still and quiet. We all saw Jurassic Park and learned that their vision is based on movement, and they probably have ears.

I could be less than 9 months old and then I wouldn't be capable of realizing that you're still there.
Or maybe if we were in a wax museum, you could stand really really still and quiet and someone might think you were one of the dummies.

But we're not. We're in the bathroom.

I know you're there, even if you don't move or make a sound until I wash my hands and leave.

Everybody poops.

Get over it.

Friday, February 9, 2007

We Will All Eventually be Replaced by Machines

Robots do everything we can do, only better.

Almost. The robo-jogging technology is progressing nicely, as you can see here:

Robots have also been cutting things for years:

thanks to This Guy for the 3D Roberto.

However mixing the two has lead to tragedy:

There is still much work to be done.

Thursday, February 8, 2007


Thanks, random blog.

DISCLAIMER: We do not want to be sued by Norway for the moonwalk being too difficult for the general population.

Knifin' Around

Space Ghost is the bestest.

Seriously, the bestest.

He gets it.


Blogger Josh Wolf has officially become the longest-jailed jogger...er, reporter in the history of the US.

Read his story and blog, it's quite fascinating...he was basically singled out as a threat and a case involving vandalism was brought against him.

Here's more on this story.

We at knifejog agree that, while his views and actions are questionable to an extent, old Uncle Sam can't lock you up and not tell you why. One day we may have to jog with no knives, for jog's sake.

Psychic Slater

So obvs. Screech had super powers, but is Slater psychic?

He's been seen dancing with stars and Stephen Hawking told me that the light we see from stars was emitted millions and millions of years ago. So looking at distant stars is like seeing backwards in time, so dancing with stars has gotta be kind of like being psychic..... um. Maybe that's a stretch.

We should probably just ask him.

Saved by the Bell

Misreading my colleague's last post, I thought for a moment that Slater was psychic.

I sincerely apologize.

Slate can read my mind.

We all have dreams. Dreams we don't always tell anyone about.

I've been thinking about a dream of mine ever since that True Love post from the other day.

So in the physical act of lovage, gravity seems to be an enemy, often pinning a valuable arm between your lumpy body and your lumpy mattress, and there's always the risk of sliding off the mattress and thumping your skull on the pile of jogging shoes under the bed.

Obvious solution? SEX IN SPACE! No gravity = no problem, right?

Thankyou, Slate for investigating.


Our good friend Phil Stevenson writes in:

"If, while jogging, a knife is thrown in the runner's direction, does the speed of the knife remain constant?" -Phil Stevenson

YES. Einstein's theory states that nothing can move faster than knives, ever. EVER.

If you're just gonna keep asking 5t00p1d questions, go somewhere where they are expected.

Good Job, Jobs

So I haven't bothered to keep up with the latest and greatest in iPods. I keep accidentally slicing through the headphone cord when I'm jogging along at a good clip.

But man can't help but hear the news. The Nordic nasties from Norway are threatening legal action against Apple because they deem the iStore to be an unfair business practice.

So Jobs responded in a shockingly personal way, and makes some good points. Why are they picking on the iStore? Microsoft had an 'open model' DRM system like the consumer vikings are asking for, but they gave up on it and switched to a hardware specific store for the Zune. If anyone over there is suing them, I'm not hearing about it.

Of course Apple would be down with not using DRM. The iPod's bread and butter is file sharing: ripping your CD library, copying the vinyl collection your uncle finally bothered to digitize, and forcing your friends to listen to your Sepultura albums from highschool. The iStore is like frosting on the workhorse. It's a middle man that brings you the Kanye West album at 4 in the morning when you're drunk and you think you need it, and if the record labels would comply, they'd let you do it no-strings-attached.

So now the legal lords of Lillehammer are saying that the iStore is unfairly locking a consumer into using an iPod, and that Jobs is copping out by blaming the record industry. My knife and I strongly disagree. Firstly, they have it backwards. If anything, buying an iPod would lock you into the iStore, not the other way around. My knife is also pretty sure they are getting iTunes and the iTunes music store confused.

But regardless, I'm sure they'll work it out. The record companies seem like reasonable people.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Recursive Post

This post is recursive.

Love is.....

Pepperspray and diapers.

To summarize, a lady astronaut (I'm not naming names) had a thing for another astronaut. When she found out about another lady in the picture she drove some 800-900 miles, wearing a diaper so she wouldn't have to stop, to confront her.

(If she had jogged, that wouldn't have been necessary, joggers can pee anywhere)

She then (oops I almost forgot) allegedly followed the woman to a parking lot, wearing a wig and a trenchcoat and weilding a BB gun and some pepperspray. The other woman was suspicious and hid in her car, but was tricked into lowering the window at which point she got a facefull of badness.

I'm not all that into crazy, but if a girl maced someone for me, I'd be smitten.

Animal Jogging

As previously discussed, kittens can't jog.

I propose that in lieu of jogging, cats prance.

I know, I know, people prance too, and so do ponies, and I suppose a kitten could prance with a knife, but to jog with a knife you really have to have thumbs.

Now Koala bears have 2 thumbs, but don't get me started about that.

Imagine how many knives this would buy...

Nukyular Chief Extraordinaire Dubya has revealed plans to build a half-billion dollar library at a Dallas University, much to the dismay of joggers who feel this money could be put to better use in the purchase of fresh knives. We at knifejog agree.

There are a lot of taxpayers who would rather have increased speed than restricted access to the classified stickman drawings of our fair leader.

Important Safety Information

It is not a good idea to run with guns.


Even if it's a knifegun.

These guys had the right idea...

Extra points if you know them personally.

Kittens don't jog, man!

I got some recent fan mail from a reader trying to connect cutlery with kittens.

"Hey man, love your blog! Being somewhat of an expert on jogging myself, I have recently noticed a pretty evident connection between kittens and knives. How could you overlook this? Other than that, keep up the good work! -Phil Stevenson"

I just have one observation for you...KITTENS DON'T JOG, FOOL.

Now, quit wasting my time.

You have convinced me that you are bad at what you do.


and journalists, obvs.

The 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force ads freaked some people out' story is not very new anymore. I would consider it 'not new' enough for people, including people in the media, to have figured out what happened.

So why are people still calling it a hoax? In print? err.... in e-print?

A hoax is something that intends to get that kind of reaction or more colorfully, aims to hoodwink. An ad campaign aimed at fans of an uncomfortable 15 minute cartoon trying to get them excited about what will likely be an uncomfortable 50 minute movie, probably wasn't hoping for a $2 million urban lockdown. Therefore, not a hoax.

No one wants to be blowed up whilst jogging, granted. Your knife might end up in your eye or something. Cartoon characters seem unlikely to do that. But the ever vigilant Boston police have convinced everyone that, yes, cartoon characters are equivalent to IEDs.

Fine, I'll bite. These things were a threat and deserved the response they got. Sure, why not?

However, the cartoon bombs were there for 3 to 4 weeks. So if you are to be believed, Boston Police, we could have had our knife jogs interrupted by shrapnel any day in the last month or so, and you are bad at what you do.

Ancient Rome and Jogging

It has come to my attention that my associate has failed to mention Ancient Rome in his recent discussion on jogging.

As we all know, Ancient Romans had knives, but they didn't have the number '0'. In my many minutes of research, I have also failed to find any reference to Ancient Romans jogging...marching, sure...but not jogging. It thus follows that jogging depends on a civilization having discovered the number '0'.

Had the Ancient Romans discovered '0', they would have had discovered jogging as well, and everyone would still be speaking Latin today.

Things that make you want to run with knives.

It is a well known fact that people occasionally go for jogs.

Knives were probably invented around the same time as jogging.

If you are like me (us), things you see and hear make you want to run away,

and stab things.

May I (we) suggest instead, jogging with knives?

Everyone runs faster with knives.