Wednesday, July 11, 2007

You Are Destroying America

I'm talking to you, AM New York.

I pick up your paper most weekday mornings on my way to work. I do so for 3 reasons.

  • To have something to read in the bathroom

  • The "hawker" guy is friendly and recognizes me

  • I assume the paper will be verbatim whatever is on the news wire, free from any particular agenda

Now I'll totally admit that I have some bias and agenda, but dang, AM New York, today you went too far.

I don't know if you've been watching, but CNN accused Micheal Moore of 'fact fudging' in his film "Sicko" and Moore called them out on it.

CNN, being slightly less evil than Fox News, acknowledged the need for more discussion and had the filmmaker on the Larry King show. Larry somehow seemed to be really surprised that Moore was upset that Dr. Gupta had called him a liar repeatedly on national television. Seriously? Well at least he didn't boot Moore of the show to interview Paris, again.

But how did you cover this story AM New York? Did you provide sources of data that readers could compare? Did you mention the severity of demanding an apology from one of the most powerful news sources in the world? Did you consider the implications if CNN were to be accused of libel? Did you further the debate on healthcare, an issue that will ultimately effect every single citizen of the country?

No. What you did was frame it as a 'media feud' on the celebrity gossip page and mocked him for asking for an apology. Like this was on par with Donald Trump calling Rosie fat. You even gave Victoria Beckham twice as much page space to hype her reality tv show.

Boo on you, AM New York, and by extention the Tribune Company who publishes you. You are destroying America and I hate you.

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